Can I add a custom field to my reports?

Adding custom fields to GivePenny reports

Head to the reports section on your dashboard, we’re going to be focused on Systems and Data Entry, beneath your reports.

You have Data Entry and Data Settings here.
Let’s start with Data Settings:

Here you’ll be able to add new, custom fields to the GivePenny database, so you can then add values/reference numbers in those fields against supporters and campaigns.
Reports downloaded from GivePenny will then include any fields and values you have added.

For example, we’ll add an additional field against a fundraiser named 'fundraiser reference number'.
GivePenny will automatically assign each fundraiser a unique reference number, but we’re very aware that a lot of our charities will already have a database and prefer to use their own unique codes.

Click the Add button and name your field whatever you’d like:

You can add as many custom fields as you like.

To permanently remove a field, just click the orange x.
Don’t forget to click “Save settings” at the bottom of this page.

Now we’ve added these custom fields, let’s use them! Head on over to the Data Entry section:
This is where you can add data to specific challenge pages, such as a unique supporter number (GivePenny will already give fundraisers their unique reference number, but if you already have them in your database this may make it easier for you to consolidate that information.)

It should look something like this with a list of every challenge page launched for you charity

If you click on one of these it’ll show in the edit panel

Here you’ll see the challenge owner’s name, username, profile picture and, if they’ve chosen to share it, their address.

Here is where you can add your custom information for this fundraiser.

Click save next to these additional fields.
These will be saved against this user, so any challenges they have open will be updated with these details. These additional fields will now be visible on any downloaded Challenges Report.

Let’s head back to data settings and add some fields against Events or Appeals.

Just like before you can add a custom field that will be linked to an Event/ Appeal.
Our most requested field is an internal event code, so it’s easy to report on.
Much like before, GivePenny automatically generates an event code for you, but often our partners have an internal code they’d rather use. So we’ll call it “Internal Event Code”.

Again, you can have as many custom fields as you’d like.
But remember to hit that “Save Settings” button!

The next time you create an event or appeal, (or edit an existing one) you’ll have a little section under Connections called “Facebook Pixel ID" with a space for your Facebook Pixel ID.

Any reports related to this Event or Appeal will now have this custom field.

As ever, If you need any help just get in touch