Can I get a refund on my donation?

A snippet from our terms of use explaining refunds.

Donations make their way to charities promptly through GivePenny, so we can only refund donations with the charity’s permission.

If you would like to organise a refund, in the first instance you should contact the charity, who will liaise with us if needed (if we are still holding the funds).

Section 3 of our Terms of Use states:

  • GivePenny will direct the requestor to contact the GivePenny Cause Member in writing, stating the full reasons as to why a refund is being sought.
  • Upon receiving such notice, the GivePenny Cause Member will assess the validity of any such refund request within 14 days of receiving such notice.
  • After assessing the refund request, the GivePenny Cause Member should write to both the requestor and GivePenny within 7 days of making its assessment, setting out its decision.
  • If the GivePenny Cause Member decides a refund is justified and GivePenny holds the money in its trustee account, it will make a refund of the net donation (it received by the Donor) to the requestor within 14 days from receiving notice by the GivePenny Cause Member. GivePenny will not be liable to refund any transaction fee that has been incurred by the donor through their chosen method of payment.

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