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Can I swap one app for another?

Joined a challenge but you don't use Strava, you use Runkeeper or vice versa? No problem!

Simply log in and head to your dashboard.
- Click on the challenge you want to edit.
- Click 'Edit Page' under the welcome back banner at the top of the page.


- Scroll to the app you want to use, click the drop down and tick the box to enable it (make sure to update what is being tracked).

Changing Apps 2

- Scroll to the app you want to turn off, click the drop down and untick the box to disable it.

Chaning Apps 1

- Head to the bottom and hit 'Back to your page' and you are all done!

You can turn off or turn on all of GivePenny's apps using this process, so if you don't have Spotify switched on, make sure to turn it on! and get people donating in return for putting a song on your playlist! 
You can find more information on connecting GivePenny to your apps here