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How do I add my offline donations?

GivePenny is your one-stop platform for all online charity fundraising, but sometimes you will receive offline donations as well.

There are two options here so you can choose whichever is easiest for you!
Option 1:
Deposit the money into your own bank account (or keep the equivalent amount in cash) then donate the offline funds to your own page as if you were making the online donation like any other donor to your page , and GivePenny will do the rest in ensuring they get to the charity.
Option 2:
  • Log into your account, on the dashboard scroll down to view "Your Challenges"
  • Click on the Challenge you're looking to add an offline donation to 
  • Click 'Update Progress' on the challenge you'd like to add the balance to, then 'Add offline donation'
    image-png-Dec-31-2021-10-32-19-46-AMOffline donations
  • Insert the name of the offline donor, amount donated and click add.
  • Your donation will now appear as an offline donation in your donations feed and will be included in your 'Raised' amount.

With option 2 it is then your responsibility to send the donations directly to the charity.

Editing and Deleting offline donations

At the moment, you are not able to edit or delete any offline donations to your page.

If you do need to do this, simply get in touch with us through our website bot in the bottom right corner, who will help you raise a ticket for us to sort this for you.