How do I add team members to my fundraising page?

Creating a TEAM fundraising page, but not sure how?

If you're trying to join a sub-team (For Mind's 27 27 campaign), STOP HERE! you need this page!

Planning to invite team members to your page before it’s up and running?

Before you can invite team members to your page, you’ll need to set up your fundraising page as an individual. You can do this by signing up on the charities event page.
  • Once your page is set up, click on your challenge (either through your dashboard or via your page URL).
  • At the top of your page you’ll see a box saying ‘Update Progress’, click here and then click the ‘Update Team members’
    Team walkthrough 1  Team walkthrough 2
  • Pop in the name and email address of those you want to invite to your team and hit ‘Invite’.
    Team walkthrough 3
  • You will then see a screen saying 'Team member added', click done and you will now see the invite status.
    Team walkthrough 4
  • You can add further names by changing the information in the boxes and clicking 'Invite' – Make sure the email address is correct!

Already have a fundraising page set up?

Simply log in to your GivePenny account and follow the instructions above.

IMPORTANT: If you create the Fundraising page you will be the Team Leader and in charge of ‘admin’. 

  • You will be the only person able to invite new team members along.
  • You will be the only person able to edit the fundraising page – but teammates can connect their apps so their updates will automatically be synced. If they wish to do manual updates the Team lead will have to do this.
  • When someone is a member of your team they WON’T get their own fundraising page.  

How will my teammates know I have invited them?

Everyone you invite will get an email to let them know you have invited them, with a link to allow them to set up their GivePenny profile.

Team walkthrough 4.5

Once they have set up their GivePenny profile, they will just need to click the 'tick' button to accept your invite and join your team.

Team walkthrough 5Team walkthrough 6

Why not edit your 'Challenge Name' on your page to be your team name? This will show everyone who comes to your page that you are a team!

Invite Status

Keep an eye on the Team Member table (under Update Progress - Update Team Members) to help you keep track of everyone you have invited to your team. The status column will keep you updated:

  • Accepted - They’ve accepted your invitation and are a member of your team!
  • Invite Sent - Your invitation has been sent but not yet responded to.
  • Rejected – They rejected your invitation. 
  • User Left – They have left the GivePenny platform and deleted their account.
  • Removed – Either you or themselves removed them from your team. If this was a mistake, don’t worry, you can re-add them.

PENNY TIP: Make sure you check the spelling of the email address, once, twice and three times over! Typo’s love to turn up in other peoples email addresses, so keep an eye on this.