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How do I change the activity that is being tracked on my connected app?

Is Strava tracking your swimming when you want it to track your running? Easy fix!

To change what activity is being tracked on your connected app (Strava or Runkeeper for example) on your fundraising page, you just need to go through the following process (from desktop/laptop only):
  • Go to your dashboard and click Customise, under the challenge you want to change.
  • Hit the Customise button at the top of your fundraising page, then Save and Continue through to the next page.
  • Hit the Advanced button, then from this next page (effectively behind the scenes of your fundraising page), scroll down to the app block.
To change the ACTIVITY: Click the dropdown and change to the activity type that you prefer.
  •  Hit Save/Publish at the top of the page and you're ready to go!