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How do I connect GivePenny to my apps?

One of the coolest features of GivePenny is how easily it links to your favourite apps - like Strava, Runkeeper, Twitch and loads more!

To connect your apps follow these simple steps:

Visit your dashboard by clicking this link or by clicking your name on the GivePenny website and selecting “Dashboard”.

  • Scroll your merry way down to "Connections" and hit the tick by the logo of the app you'd like to connect with. This will open up a page with a handy-dandy Connect button. This will then take you straight to the relevant website, where you'll be asked to login (if you aren't already logged in.)
  • You'll then be asked to allow GivePenny permission to view your profile details. Ticking all the boxes makes sure our platform works properly, if you untick any of these, it won't work! Don't worry - we don't hold these details, and we don't do anything weird or creepy with your personal information.
  • You'll then be returned to your GivePenny dashboard, complete with a lovely green tick next to the app logo.

Don't have any of these apps? Not a problem!

It's super easy to sign-up to these apps through their websites and they all offer a free basic option, so you wont have to pay to connect.

If you are signing up to them for the first time may get offered a free trial of their paid premium subscription but it is up to you if you choose that option. Happy App-ing!

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