How do I get more donations?

We've got some tips to help you raise more.

Share and share some more 

Share your page as much as you can, the more people who see your page the more people who'll be able to donate to you! You don't have to sign up with GivePenny to make a donation, so it only takes a few seconds for your friends and family to show some support. Whether you're sharing via Facebook status update, sending it to all your group chats on Messenger & Whatsapp, it's worth spreading the word as much as you can. 

You can share straight from your Challenge page at any time - hit the Tweet, Email, Facebook etc. buttons or use the unique URL you can select. 

Penny TipOne of the best places to share your page is WhatsApp groups.

Your posts on Twitter and Facebook can easily get lost in all the noise, memes, Karen' complaining on your local town Facebook group or get bumped to the bottom of your friends' feeds thanks to all the weird algorithms, so share it via messenger straight to those who may want to support you. WhatsApp also gets your post right up on their screens!

Give yourself a hand

Research tells us that the hardest donation to get is the first, so once you (so maybe make it yourself) break that barrier you'll find it much easier to and raise more.

You know that feeling you get when you’re standing on a doorstep and wondering if anyone’s home? That’s kind of how it feels to land on an empty fundraising page.

Get your buddies on board

Any Fundraising Challenge can be magically converted into a Team Fundraising Challenge! Team Fundraising allows you to add your friends to your page, and they can connect their apps to help you count your progress and raise funds as a group. It's great if you find you're struggling to meet your targets by yourself, or you just want to add some more fun to your challenge!

Now go get yourself on the Fundraiser wall of fame!