How do I join an existing Fundraising Team?

Welcome to Team Fundraising

If you're trying to join a sub-team (For Mind's 27 27 campaign), STOP HERE! you need this page!

For this article, you’ll be fundraising as part of a team, all on ONE fundraising Page. You’ll have a Team Leader, who looks after your Team Fundraising Page and does all the admin stuff. Your job is to raise as much money for charity as you can and asking your friends, family and followers to sponsor you.

How to join a Fundraising Team
Joining Fundraising Teams is invite-only. If you wish to join a fundraising team you’ll need to speak with or designate a Team Leader to manage the Team Fundraising Page, they’ll be able to send you an others an invite via email using the steps listed in the above articles.

You’ll get an invite via email, sent to you by your Fundraising Team Leader. Click the link and sign in with your GivePenny Fundraiser account details.

Remember to click the 'Tick' under your challenges to be added to the team!

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Haven’t signed up as a GivePenny Fundraiser?

You can sign up with Facebook, for a nice and easy quick-click register. Alternatively, fill in the fields yourself to sign up via email. If you choose email signup, we have to check you’re a human so check your inbox and you should have an email from us – prove you’re a human by clicking the “I am human” link.


Penny Tip: Expecting an email invite but not getting one? First, check your spam folder. Still can’t find it? The most likely culprit is a misspelt email address. Give your Team Captain a prod and check the spelling of your email address for typos.


Your Fundraising Team Member powers and responsibilities
Once you’ve joined up, you’ll be listed on your Team Fundraising Page. This will display your name and profile picture. If you haven’t uploaded a profile picture yet, the default image is our logo, It’s worth doing so your friends and family know it’s you they’re supporting. Go to (also found under your Dashboard, then select Profile) to upload a picture.

All of your team members’ efforts will be celebrated in one place. You’ll be able to see your collective number of steps, cycling miles, streaming hours - whatever it is you're doing to raise funds! - in an update feed.

These will all be automatically added to your team's total via the apps you have connected to GivePenny. If you need help with this, we also have a guide on how to connect GivePenny to your apps. 

Penny Tip: If you count your miles, steps, hours etc. with an offline method, or with a device, GivePenny can't yet connect to, dont worry! Simply message your Fundraising Team Leader and they can add your contributions to the Team Fundraising Page manually – if you’re doing regular updates connect your apps to save them and you some time!


That's it - you're officially ready to go, but you might want to read our Guide to Boosting Donations!