How do I set up a charity Spotify Playlist on GivePenny?

Playlist Fundraising is one of our latest innovations and one of the most unique ways to digitally fundraise. Learn how the music your supporters love can raise money for your charity!

What is Playlist Fundraising?
It's pretty simple: we've connected GivePenny to Spotify so your fundraisers can receive donations in exchange for adding a song to a playlist. 

There are two ways to really make the most out of it.

1. Create a central playlist for your
supporters to add to

Create a Playlist Fundraising page as a fundraiser for your charity, depersonalise it, link it to a free Spotify account in the name of your charity, add the first song for a minimum 50p donation, but remember this sets the precedence for other donors to follow! All you need to do now is share the link to your GivePenny Playlist page to your supporters and have them donate to add a song!

2. Have your supporters link their own Spotify playlist to their challenges

This works really well for fitness based challenges, or gaming based challenges, or lifestyle challenges or anything you may listen to music what doing or training for. 
When creating your campaign (or within the campaign editor for existing campaigns) head to the "Challenge Features" section to Enable Spotify Playlist and encourage your supporters to increase their fundraising by getting people to add a song they have to train to, or play to, or bake to... 

Like all fundraising challenges on GivePenny, the key to success is to share, share, share your page!

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