How do I set up an Appeal on GivePenny?

Appeals are for when you’ve got a specific goal to achieve. They don’t need to have a specific start and end date, making Appeals a great option for those big fundraising challenges, like building a new wing for your hospice or buying new equipment.

If you'd rather watch a video tutorial, you can click here

Start off at your Fundraising Setup page. It lives on your Dashboard under the Fundraising tab. Or you can just click this link to get there right away. It should look like this:

Click the "Appeals" button, we'll meet you there!

This is where you’ll be able to see any appeals you’ve already created, or select “Create an Appeal” to get started on your first one.

Let's start with the Basics:

Appeal Name: We recommend giving Appeals a descriptive name that tells Fundraisers exactly what your aims are. Tell them what differentiates this goal from your usual fundraising requests.

Your Appeal URL will mirror your Appeal Name, but you can customise this if you like.

Want to put a start and end date on your appeal? Hit that switch labelled Time-limited appeal?

Appeal Description is a chance to really inspire your Fundraisers. Tell them more about what you’re raising money for, and why it’s so important to your cause.

Appeal Video YouTube ID is an optional element to add to your page, but we strongly recommend you take advantage of it. Videos are an extremely effective way of engaging Fundraisers. It doesn’t have to be a masterful piece of cinematography; just a quick thank you message filmed on your phone will do the trick.

Donation Targets are optional, but Fundraisers (and donors!) respond well to having a specific goal to work towards.

Let's talk images!

Event Tile will sit alongside your charity profile picture on your event page and on previews of your Fundraiser page. We recommend using a campaign logo specific to this appeal. Square images at 300 x 300 pixels, please!

Event Banner will be spread across the top of your appeal page. We recommend using an image 300 pixels (height) by 1170 pixels (width).

Connections! What GivePenny is all about!


Tracking codes: If you're using Facebook ads to promote your event, pop the Facebook Pixel ID in here.

Data Tags: Want to add some custom fields to your event to make for easier reporting? Check out how here.

Activity/Progress Units: 
This is a nifty additional option you can use to further customise your event. Selecting "yes" on the "Add progress units?" switch opens up a new box which allows you to add specific units of measurement to your event page.

It looks like this:

Select the appropriate connection for your appeal. For example, if you’re doing a step-counting challenge, select “Connect to Fitbit” and the Label will automatically be changed to “steps”. This will then show the grand total of steps added to your appeal by all of your Fundraisers and will update automatically throughout the appeal. 

You can add more than one unit of measurement to your appeal, why not try counting miles ran on Runkeeper as well as miles cycled on Strava?

You can add another progress unit by selecting the orange “Add” button in the top right. If you make a mistake or change your mind, you can also remove a progress unit by selecting the wide orange button marked with “x”.

If you have already set up Challenges, they will appear at the bottom of this screen. You can learn more about setting up a custom Challenge page on GivePenny here.

Assigned Challenges is an optional extra, which allows you to select specific Challenge templates linked to your Appeal.

Let's talk thank yous!

Every time someone signs up to your appeal they'll get sent an email that asks them to prove they're a human (you can watch your supporter journey here) - within this email you're able to write them a bespoke, snappy thank you message. Who doesn't like a thank you, eh?

New Feature Alert!
You can now add sets of Groups to your event!

Groups are a brilliant addition to an event if you know you've got certain groups participating, for example: Regions, Universities, Corporate partners, Running Clubs, heck... you can even chose animal groups if you want!

Penny Tip: When using the Groups feature, anyone who signs up to the campaign MUST chose a group to belong to.

Click Create a new set of Groups to get started, or click Continue if you’d rather skip adding Groups to your event. We'll be adding a full guide to Groups for charity events very soon.


To publish or not to publish?

On this page, you'll have the option to publish your appeal, or not published yet (good if there's still work to be done on the appeal page) and you get to chose whether you want this to be publically available.

If it's an appeal for any and all to get involved in, we recommend having it published, and visible!

Click save and close and you're done! Share it far and wide, across all of your social media channels and email subscribers, to get as many participants as possible.

Once published, your Appeal will be live on GivePenny and ready to earn donations for your fabulous charity.