How do I set up Direct Donate Appeal on GivePenny?

Direct Donate Appeals are a special type of campaign that allows people donate without fundraising. This includes both Tribute Appeals and Creative Appeals, but the general function is to add a photo and text in exchange for a donation

Start off at your Fundraising Setup page. It lives on your Dashboard under the Fundraising tab. Or you can just click this link to get there right away. It should look like this:

Click the "Direct Donate Appeals" button, we'll meet you there!

This is where you’ll be able to see any Direct Donate Appeals you’ve already created, or select “Create New Appeal” to get started on your first one.

You’ll be asked if you want this to be a tribute or a creative appeal. Click whichever it is and you’ll be taken to the next screen.

Penny Tip: Direct Donate appeals take mere minutes to set up, so unlike Events and Appeals there’s no option to save and come back later. It's best to make sure you have all your information together and are ready to go live before you get to this point!

Let's start with the Basics:

Appeal Title: We recommend giving Appeals a descriptive name that tells Donors exactly what your aims are. Tell them what differentiates this goal from your usual fundraising requests.

Your Appeal URL should mirror your Appeal Name, but you can customise this if you like.

Appeal Description is a chance to really inspire your Fundraisers. Tell them more about what you’re raising money for, and why it’s so important to your cause.

Let's talk branding!

Desktop Banner will be spread across the top of your appeal page. We recommend using an image 300 pixels (height) by 1170 pixels (width).

Mobile Banner We’ve squishing the desktop banner looks a bit odd in these campaigns, so create something in a similar design to the desktop banner but with 353 pixels (height) by 300 pixels (width).

Appeal Logo Image will sit alongside your charity profile picture on your appeal page We recommend using a campaign logo specific to this appeal. Square images at 300 x 300 pixels, please!



Here you can set your minimum donation amount (GivePenny’s minimum is 50p, you can set it to what ever you’d like. Our standard donation button says “Add Donation” but you can get creative with this and customise that text.

There’s also a space here for you to write a thank you message to anyone who donates to this appeal


Let’s talk Fields…. Donation fields!

Here you can customise the appeal to suit you, you can ask, and make it mandatory, for example with a picture upload campaign, you absolutely need to make uploading a phoro mandatory!

Let’s get social!

We’ve set some default text in the sharing boxes, but here’s just another chance for you to be creative when asking your donors to share that they’ve made a difference.

Once you hit that Submit box your appeal is LIVE!
Next up just share share share to get those donations rolling in.

Here's an example from our friends over at Yorkshire Cat Rescue of their Crazy Cats Competition... because what is the internet for if not for pictures of cats?!