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How do I sign up as a fundraiser on GivePenny?

Signing up on GivePenny for the first time?

You'll need to start at our Fundraiser registration page. You can sign up with Facebook, for a nice and easy quick-click register. Alternatively, fill in the form yourself and sign up via email

If you choose email signup, we have to check to verify you're human and not a robot. Check your inbox and you should have an email from us – prove you’re a human by clicking the “I am human” link.

Penny TipCan’t find your email in your inbox? Check your spam folder. Still can’t find it? Double-check the email address you gave us was spelt correctly, under the Profile section of your Dashboard. 

That's it! You're in. Welcome aboard!

You can now head on over to your dashboard and start connecting apps and creating challenges to raise money for charity. Exciting!