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How do Song Choice GiveChains work?

A summary of how Song Choice GiveChains work

GiveChains are a new way to raise money for your favourite causes. Song Choice GiveChains work using GivePenny's one-of-a-kind integration with Spotify.

All you need to do to start a Song Choice GiveChain is choose a song, make a donation and then inspire just ONE other person to do the same. Simples!



To start a GiveChain, sign in to your GivePenny account and from your Dashboard, hit the 'Create Page' button.

You'll then be asked 'What type of page would you like to launch?' - hit the Chain option:

Screenshot 2023-03-28 at 10.01.40

On the next few pages, you'll be asked to name your GiveChain page, pick the charity you'd like donations to go to and to add your 'Fundraising Story'.

In your 'Fundraising Story', it's good to explain why you've chosen the cause in the first place and why it's important people donate to keep the GiveChain going. 

You then have the choice to add a GiveChain page banner image - it's always good to add a nice photo here to make the page look it's best for visitors 😊


Be sure to read through the information provided by the Fundraising Regulator (if you haven't already!) and then move on to the next step - picking your song to add to the GiveChain!

Screenshot 2023-03-28 at 10.14.08

Thanks to our unique integration with Spotify, you can search over 100 million songs!

Once you've picked a track you're happy with, you're then asked to make your donation. You can choose whether or not to add Gift Aid, too 😜

Once you've donated, it's then the next fun part - choosing who to send the next link in the GiveChain to!

Ask yourself "Who, out of everyone I know, is most likely to pick a great song and make a donation?" Copy the URL (i.e. link) and share it directly with them, using your favourite messaging app, along with a little message asking them to keep the GiveChain going ⛓️ 💪

We'll send you an email every few days to let you know how the GiveChain is going, too!