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How to set up an In Memory Fundraising playlist

Quick walkthrough of how to set up an In Memory fundraising playlist

Walkthrough Video (no audio)


HubSpot Video

Written Walkthrough

From a charity profile, simply scroll down and click 'Start Fundraising' and then follow this process, if not, simply just follow these steps.

  1. Sign up with GivePenny if you aren't already on board. Make sure to verify your account by clicking the link we send to your email too!
  2. Go to your dashboard and hit that big "Create Challenge" button.
  3. Simply search for the charity you want to raise money for and click on the playlist template (if you started on the charity profile, you will be automatically be taken back to that charity without having to search) 
    NOTE - You will need to click 'USE NO CAMPAIGN' if the charity you want to fundraise for, has challenges open.
  4. We now need a few final details.
    1. Give your page a name - feel free to get creative or just keep it simple and descriptive. This will also form part of your URL (which is what will appear in the address bar at the top of the page).
    2. Pick a Start Date and End Date for your page.
      Challenge Details
    3. Lastly, you need to opt-in or out of email communications, and tick the box to let us know that you’ve read our guidance documents. We do recommend you actually read this instead of just skipping over it, but it’s not like there’ll be a test or anything. Save and Continue!
  5. You'll now be taken to your Page and you are ready to go!

Don't stop there! Make it personal!

By clicking on 'Edit Page' under the Welcome Back banner at the top of the page, you can customise your page as much as you like.  Here is a bit more information on how to edit and update your page.

    Penny Tip: This page is deeply personal to all involved. Make sure to let everyone know about the playlist and welcome them to share memories and happy stories with their donation. Ask them to share songs linked to memories and not to be afraid to choose upbeat and random songs linked to wonderful times.

    You will need to make sure you have connected Spotify. We've got a guide to doing that right here.

    SIDE NOTE: You will receive transactional emails from GivePenny, when you sign up, set up your page, get donations and get to the closing date of your page. As our site is predominantly used for fundraising challenges, these might seem a bit odd, over excited and not make total sense. Please don't let that put you off. The main thing is that you are raising money, for a wonderful cause and your friends and family will be able to share their musical memories with you.