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Not using an app? Manually add your activity

Doing a challenge but not using an app? You can manually update your progress

You can manually add or remove your progress by following these easy steps:
Manually Updating - Video (no audio)
HubSpot Video
  1. While logged in at GivePenny.com, head to your fundraising page. you can use your unique fundraising page URL or head to the dashboard and scroll down to "your challenges"
  2. Select the challenge (fundraising page) you wish to update 
  3. Once you arrive at the preview of your fundraising page you'll see a welcome back with confetti, hit the "update progress" button
  4. You'll now have several options of features you can manually update
    • Update milestones
    • Add tracking activity
    • Update team members
    • Add offline donation
  5. Select "add tracking activity" where you can add or subtract progress units
  6. Hit 'Update' and it will update it all for you 
  7. Click 'Done' then 'back to challenge' and you are all done.

Penny Tip: When adding or removing units manually, you can have a maximum of 2 decimal places.