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Keeping your fundraising ethical

GivePenny is proud to be approved by the UK Fundraising Regulator.

 Here’s a list of points to consider as you embark on your next fundraising adventure to help keep your fundraising activities ethical, too. 

Tell your donors who is organising the appeal.

When you launch a challenge, let your potential donors know who the appeal is organised by. If you’re taking part in an event launched by a charity this is already done for you - but if you’ve created your custom challenge yourself this will be linked to the charity but may not say on the Fundraising Page depending on the settings you've chosen, tell them about it in your Fundraising Story.

Share your goals!

What’s your fundraising target? Raise £300? Or raise as much as you can over a 12-hour stream? Whatever your targets are, share them with your donors.

Be wary of making promises you can’t keep

Sometimes, fundraisers might like to raise a specific amount – such as the cost of paying a hospice nurse for a week, the cost of veterinary care for an abandoned horse, or enough to buy a newborn incubator etc. While these are lovely ways to add an extra element to your fundraising challenge, we can’t make any promises regarding how exactly your funds will be used by the charity. So be sure to make this clear to your donors, too! Be wary of adding any copy to your fundraising page that suggests specific ways in which your fundraising money will be used.

If you do decide to raise money for a specific purpose, please contact the charity first to let them know your plans, and make sure they are equipped to use the funds accordingly. 


As a rule, we can’t enable you to make deductions out of money raised on GivePenny for any expenses incurred completing your challenge. It all goes directly to the charity. However, if you’re going to be taking expenses out of any money you raise offline (or anywhere other than GivePenny), such as travel expenses or cost of equipment, it’s really important you let your donors know this. Transparency is key!

If you have any further questions or concerns, we recommend reading the standards of fundraising as set out by the UK Fundraising Regulator.