My distance is not showing on the leaderboard!

No problem, there is usually a simple answer.

Have you changed what is being tracked on your page?

When you signed up to the challenge, you would have had to choose from one of the pre-set options that was set by the charity.
These options dictate what options are pulled through to the leaderboard.

For example:

  • You sign up and have the option to Walk 25km or Walk 50km.
  • You choose Walk 25km and connect your app.
  • You decide that actually, you will be running some of your training, so change your fundraising page to track running.
  • All your running activity will show on your page BUT it will not show on the leaderboard, as the leaderboards are set to track walking, as set by the charity.
  • You can continue to track your running and not have it appear on the leaderboard, or you can change your page back to walking and have all your walking appear on the leaderboard.

Note: Whatever is being tracked on your page is the ONLY thing that is tracked.

Tracking walking? None of your running or cycling or other activity will show.

Want to track 'Everything'? Change your Strava to track 'Moving' this will pick up any activity that you do through Strava. HOWEVER, if your charity's challenge is not tracking moving, it will still not appear on the leaderboard.

Is your app connected properly?

If there is activity showing on your Fundraising page, then the answer is yes, and there is something else going on.

If there is no activity showing on your Fundraising page either, click here to see what you can do.

Everything above looks like it is fine but it's still not showing on the leaderboard!

Well, there might be something we need to investigate.

Click on our chat bot and leave us a message and we will get back to you.