My song / track isn't showing on the Spotify playlist?

Donated to a friend's page but your song isn't showing?

Sometimes data can be a bit slow.
Fear not, if you have a donation receipt your song will appear on the playlist but this can take a while.
The widget we display on the challenge page isn't showing it yet but if you open the playlist in Spotify it's probably there.
That widget belongs to Spotify and we just drop it in on the challenge page so it's probably a case of Spotify being a tad slow at their end to (as there's probably a million of those widgets embedded across the internet).
The longest it's ever taken for us is 30 minutes. So if after 30 minutes it's still not there, contact the playlist owner to see if your donation has gone through. If it has, they'll be able to manually add your song of choice to the playlist for you! :)
In short - check Spotify first! It's the best place to check if the process 'worked'.
It might then take a while to appear on the fundraising page.