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My Fitbit steps aren't appearing on my page

A troubleshooting guide to common connection issues with Fitbit


Have you waited for Fitbit to Refresh?
Sometimes data takes a while to sync, it's been known to take a maximum of 30 minutes for Fitbit to get your miles synced up but is often as few as 30 seconds. 


 Have you connected your Fitbit to GivePenny?

Visit your dashboard.

  • Scroll down to "Connections" and check if the Fitbit App is showing in colour o greyed out. If it's grey you need to click on the logo of the app you'd like to connect with. This will open up a page with a Connect button. This will then take you straight to the relevant website, where you'll be asked to log in (if you aren't already logged in) or register for a free account.
  • You'll then be asked to allow GivePenny permission to view your profile details. Ticking all the boxes makes sure our platform works properly. Don't worry - we don't hold these details, and we don't share or use your details beyond the fundraising page.
  • You'll then be returned to your GivePenny dashboard, complete with a full-colour app logo, and any runs you've done since your challenge start date will be uploaded to your page.

Did you untick any of the boxes when connecting your app to GivePenny?
Try revoking access and then re-connecting to Fitbit. If you unticked any of the boxes when you first connected them, the data won’t be shared between Fitbit and GivePenny. To do this you’ll need to go to the Fitbit website, revoke access to GivePenny and then reconnect on your dashboard, making sure not to untick any of the boxes!

Is your account connected to the correct Fitbit account?

Go into settings on Fitbit and check which email address it's using.
If it's different from your GivePenny email address, go back to the Fitbit website and revoke the connection and log out of Fitbit on the browser.
Then reconnect to GivePenny using the same credentials you've used for the Fitbit app.