Tips for fundraisers

Here are some top tips to help you smash your fundraising targets!

Personalise it! 

  • It’s your page, make it personal so your friends and family know why you've chosen to support this charity and what you;re doing the fundraising activity you picked
  • Be the first! By being the first to donate to your own GivePenny page, you’re setting the tone. Only donated whether it's £5, £10 or 50p, nobody likes being the first so once you've set the precedents others might follow suit, so give as much as you can to set the standard high!
  • Remember to upload a profile photo to your dashboard and pop it on your fundraising page. People love to see whose page they're donating to, it also personalises a page, and psychologically encourages a more emotional connection leading to more donations on your page… 
  • Update your fundraising page! Keep your family, friends, peers and everyone else updated with your training and fundraising progress.
    Do it on your GivePenny page and keep directing people to it.
  • Connect your profile with your apps.
    We’re the home of #ConnectedGiving, so go ahead and connect! We’ve got data coming out of our ears, but the bit you should know is that connecting your apps increases donations three-fold (300%)
  • If you’ve already smashed or are close to your target with loads of time left to go… increase it! Push yourself and be ambitious 
  • Make use of the unique features GivePenny
    We’re the ONLY place you can link a Spotify playlist to your challenge, or donate “per x”, so get people to donate to add a song whilst you’re baking, or running, or gaming, or shaving your head! Get them to donate per doughnut you can eat or how many days you’ve gone without coffee!
    Donations like these account for more than 50% of donations across GivePenny

Most of all, have fun!

Team Fundraising!

Why not add people to your team?

Raising money is way more fun in a team!
You can create a page on GivePenny and invite your friends to join your team.
It’s super easy, find out how here!

Here are some tips on how to raise more for your cause as a team.

  • Get matching stuff!
    T-shirts, bandanas, hats, or maybe just a Facebook cover profile?
    Something that identifies you as one team in your fundraising efforts!
  • Contact your local press
    Ask your local press to run a story on your efforts with a photo and a link to your GivePenny
  • Co-host a fundraising event. Coffee morning, bake off, quiz night, murder mystery, training run, dog walk – you name it! Invite your friends along and encourage them to donate.
  • Competitive? Set weekly or monthly competitions or mini targets for your team, it keeps fundraising fresh and fun!
    Goals for each team member could include each donating to your GivePenny page, sending your fundraising page URL to at least 20 people, each ask your employer to sponsor you or see if there is a donation scheme where they’ll match every penny you raise!

Abstinence Challeneges

Addicted to coffee? Cat memes? Spreadsheets? Challenge yourself to give them up! It can raise a tonne! We all know how hard giving up something you love is, but it’s a great fundraising tool!

Here are our top tips on getting through

  • Get everyone involved, don’t do it alone!
    Get someone equally as addicted to something to buddy up.
  • Try to replace it with something else, preferably better!
    No coffee? Substitute it with water, you’ll be doing your body a favour AND raising money, it’s win-win!
  • Let everyone know what you’re doing! Encourage others to join you.
    The less temptation the better!
  • Reward yourself for successes. Didn’t think you could stay off Instagram for a whole day? That deserves an ice cream, go ahead, treat yourself… unless you’ve given up ice cream too!
  • Don’t beat yourself up if you slip-up. Just donate to your own GivePenny page, write an update to explain to your donors, and move on.
    If you break one plate you don’t smash them all because you dropped one!

If you'd like to download these top tips you can do that by clicking here