What are GivePenny's Unique Features?

You’ve probably heard us harp on about this, but we’re proud of them, so we’re not sorry!

Your fundraisers can get started before even you if they want to, the moment you’re approved on the platform anyone can launch one of our pre-made, #ConnectedGiving challenges in your name!

  • Milestone challenge
  • Strava walking, running, swimming, hiking or cycling challenges
  • Fitbit steps challenge
  • Streaming challenges
  • Playlist fundraising, the home of Spotify fundraising

Are just a few of our options – this is without you doing anything!


We’re also really proud of our unique creative donations!
'In Return' donations, which playlist fundraising is just one example of, is only one of the 3 unique donations types offered.

Milestone giving allows fundraisers to make a pledge to donate when a fundraiser hits a certain target (i.e. completing a marathon in a month). This incentivises fundraisers to complete their challenges and removes a barrier to donation for the donor.

The Per X donation type allows donors to donate pennies per mile rather than just a single amount all at once.

These donation types account for over 50% of all donations on GivePenny!