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What are your fees? Why do you charge charities to use GivePenny?

More information on our cost effective service for our charity partners.

We charge a 5% fee on donations made to charities. This helps to fund the costs associated with maintaining the platform and developing new features that help charities raise as much as possible.

We charge a 5% fee on Gift Aid successfully claimed on behalf of our charity partners. This is an optional service for charities.

Payment processing fees are set by Stripe and PayPal. 

Payment processing fees set by Stripe are 1.4% + 20p for people choosing to pay via credit/debit card/Apple Pay/Google Pay. If a donation is made using a non-European card, the processing fees are 2.9% + 20p.

Payment processing fees set by PayPal are 3.4% + 20p.

Can you show me an example of how this works on a donation?

When someone donates to a fundraising page or directly to a charity, we simply deduct our fee and the payment processing fee, before then sending the rest to the charity.

If the donor chooses to claim Gift Aid on their donation, we then collect this 25% Gift Aid on behalf of the charity partner. We deduct our 5% fee from this before sending the rest to the charity.

So, for every £10 donation made that is eligible for Gift Aid, the charity gets £11.49 (assuming debit/credit card was used to process the payment).

Here's a bit more detail on how it works:

Screenshot 2021-06-03 at 10.23.31

What are your subscription fees?

Charities can create a free account and profile and GivePenny fundraisers will be able to set their own challenges to raise money for them. The charity pay our standard 5% commission on their donations. 

It's also free to create and preview a branded campaign using our great new software release. Charities only pay if they choose to publish a campaign.

Why do you charge fees?

Good causes trust us to run an innovative, reliable, secure and successful Connected Giving platform on their behalf. With us providing fabulous online fundraising experiences to supporters all over, good causes can focus their superpowers on changing lives.

Here's an insight into why we charge fees to good causes for access to the GivePenny Connected Giving platform:

  • Our technology is hosted on a secure and scalable platform, so it's meeting the strict security standards charities demand, as well as handling lots and lots of visitors.
  • We are constantly feeding good causes new ideas for how to inspire supporters with new Connected Fundraising challenges, with our development team furiously coding to create more cool sponsorship experiences than any other giving platform.
  • We help charities claim Gift Aid where we can, reducing the pressure on administration that many charities face when trying to access this vital resource.
  • Our team of FUNraisers is there to help good causes and GivePenny users every step of the way through their time with us.

How can I sign up?

Head to this page on our website to get started.