What communications do my fundraisers get from GivePenny when they sign up?

Worried that we will just send your fundraiser out into the world without any help? NEVER! Here is what your wonderful supporters get from us to start them on their journey.

So, if your Fundraiser is new to GivePenny and signs up via your link, they will get an email from us, that looks like this:

email new

The wording below the button is the wording you would put in the email section when creating the event.

It also pulls through your ‘Campaign Logo’, Charity Logo (in this case the GivePenny logo), ‘Campaign/Event name’ and a thank you with your charity name.

Your fundraiser, will need to click the button to finish registering and set up a password.

You can’t add links into this email, but once they are all signed up you will have their data to be able to add them to your wonderful email journey from there!

Once they have finished setting up their account they will get a follow-up email that looks like this:

email 2

This is also the email that any existing GivePenny user will get.

As they are already registered, they don’t get that first email. You will still be able to download their information to put them on the email journey with everyone else.