What do Charity Reports look like on GivePenny?

In the "Data & Reports" section of your charity profile, you can search through, view and download a variety of reports based on date ranges.

The reports pull data from the live platform, so they are always up-to-date. The types of reports are as follows:

  • Challenges - a list of fundraising pages
  • Donations - a list of all donations made to fundraising pages
  • Gift Aid - a list of all Gift Aid declarations
  • Direct Donate Appeals - a list of donations made to Tribute or Creative Donation Appeals
  • Campaign Signups - a list of details provided by supporters signing up to events/appeals

You can download Example reports by clicking on them above, for reference.

If you would like an advanced report completed for a campaign speak with our Partnerships Team about our Additional Services. They can report on your campaign with key insights bringing together the Challenge, Donation and Campaign sign up reports to give you weekly updates that add value and inform decisions.