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What is a Milestone Goal?

Vanessa Carlton would walk a thousand miles. The Proclaimers would walk 500 miles and then 500 more. Alright – that’s actually the same amount, but the point is that setting yourself goals and shouting about them gets you chart-topping success.

That’s kind of the deal with our Milestone goals too! Say you’ll walk a thousand miles for charity, and your donors don’t cough up the cash until you do; now you can split your goals into 500 mile increments like a Proclaimer. It’s a way for you to break your goals down into smaller chunks, and keep your Donors updated with your progress. 

How to Add Milestones

You'll find our Milestone System on your Fundraising page. Simply log into your fundraising page via the dashboard, click the active challenge you'd like to add Milestones to. 

From here you'll have a few options of how to add Milestones;

1. Scroll down your fundraising page and you'll see the "Give at Milestones" section, Select the "Update Milestones", you can now add a new or a few Milestones to your page 

2. You can also click the "Update Progress" page at the top of your Fundraising page. By clicking the Update Milestones tab you'll see an drop down box, at the bottom you'll see a blue "Update milestones" button, press this to get the Update Milestones Function shown in a screenshot below. 

Update Milestones Function


To mark a milestone as complete follow these simple steps
  • Log into your account and head to your challenge page, select the active challenge you wish to update 
  • Click "Update Progress" button 
  • Select the "Update Milestones"  and then select which milestone you'd like to update 
  • Make the updates and amendments you'd like to change and click the "complete" button
  • All done!