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What is a Milestone Goal? and how do they work?

Milestone goals allow you to give your donors a different way to donate to your fundraising page, through challenges you set yourself.

What is a Milestone goal?

Milestones are a fun and simple way for your donors to donate to your page based on goals you have set yourself. Perhaps your target is to walk a thousand miles for charity, but want to break your goals down into smaller chunks, and keep your Donors updated with your progress. You can set yourself milestones for 250, 500 and 750 miles and your donors don’t cough up the cash until you complete those goals. 

How to Add Milestones

You'll find Milestones on your Fundraising page. Simply log into your fundraising page via the dashboard, click the active challenge you'd like to add Milestones to. 

Click the "Update Progress" page at the top of your Fundraising page then click 'Update milestones'.

You'll see a drop down box, and at the bottom you'll see a blue "Update milestones" button, press this to get the Update Milestones Function.

Press 'Add new milestone' in the bottom left.


Completing a Milestone

Once you have achieved a milestone, you will need to complete it, in order for your donors to be sent an email to tell them that they now owe you your hard earned cash!
To mark a milestone as complete follow these simple steps
  • Log into your account and select the active challenge you wish to update 
  • Click "Update Progress" button 
  • Select the "Update Milestones"  and then select which milestone you'd like to complete and simply hit the "complete" button
  • All done!