What is a pledge?

Remember back in the day when you used to take a pen and paper to your neighbours to be sponsored for lengths of the pool?

Pledges are a way to promise the fundraiser you'll donate once they've completed the challenge you've set.

You can pledge to sponsor your fundraiser "per x" - x being whatever they're counting: miles, cakes baked, steps taken, marathons run, days abstained from coffee - anything you can count you can pledge against. You can even decide to cap your donation at a certain amount, or include progress they've already made - you're in complete control of it!

Fun Fact: The average value of a 'per x' donation is a £10 more than the average value of a one-off donation!

You can also pledge against a fundraiser's milestones, some pre-defined challenges the fundraiser or charity has set themselves.

No money will be taken at the pledge stage but when they have completed their challenge, reached your pledge target, or marked a milestone as complete you will be sent an email reminding you it's time to pay up!