How does a Spotify donation work?

Want to donate to a Spotify playlist but not sure how it works.... follow these simple steps.

For a quick and simple video tutorial on how to make a Spotify donation, click HERE!

Or, you can follow the below steps:

On the fundraising page of the person you want to donate to either:

- click the big pink 'Donate' button that follows you on the page and hit 'Donate with a Song


- scroll down to the 'Ways to donate' section on their page, click the Spotify tab and then click 'Donate'


To complete the donation simply type the artist or song title in the box and choose the song you want to add and press continue.

Choose an amount you want to donate for the privilege of putting a song on their list (minimum of 50p)

and then follow the instructions as you would when making any other donation.

And you're all done!

Added a song and it's not showing? Click here to find out more.