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What is Playlist Fundraising?

It's pretty simple: we've connected GivePenny to Spotify!

Playlist Fundraising is one of our latest innovations. Read on and learn how the music you love can raise money for charity!

You can create a Playlist Fundraising challenge page on GivePenny, which will feature your Spotify playlist. Your friends, family and followers can add a track in exchange for a donation to a charity of your choice.

How can I use Playlist Fundraising?

Birthday fundraisers - Ask people to add a song that reminds them of you or help you curate the playlist that you are going to play at your party.

Wedding fundraisers - Ask people to donate in lieu of a gift and choose their favorite love song or share a song that is special to them.

In-memory fundraisers - Ask people to add a song that reminds them of the person that has passed away. Get them to share the happy memory behind the song and fill the page with love. 

Soundtracks - Ask people to add songs for you to run to, train to or just create an up-beat and positive list of awesome songs to listen to.

The great thing about all these playlists is that they will remain on your spotify account forever (or as long as Spotify is around and you have your account with them!). So you can listen back to them at any point, even when your fundraising page has closed.

Don't have a Spotify account? No problem! Just click here to create a free account!

If you'd like to see one in action, check out this one we made to lift the Nation's spirits during lockdown: The Nations Playlist in aid of Cancer Research UK.

How to set up a Spotify Fundraising Playlist on GivePenny

  1. Sign up with GivePenny if you aren't already on board. Make sure to verify your account by clicking the link we send to your email too!
  2. Go to your dashboard and connect your Spotify account to GivePenny (here's a guide for that too!)
  3. You'll be then taken back to your dashboard where you can hit that big "Create Challenge" button.
  4. Simply search for the charity you want to raise money for and click on the 'Playlist' Template. 
    NOTE - You will need to click 'USE NO CAMPAIGN' if the charity you want to fundraise for, has other challenges open.

Penny Tip: To curate the playlist, you'll need at least one donation for the tech gnomes to do their thing. So go ahead and put a minimum of 50p in your own pot to get that playlist going.

How to get donations to your Fundraising Playlist

Like all fundraising challenges on GivePenny, you need to share, share, share your page! Our fundraising pages are easily shareable all over the internet by simply copying and pasting the link. Share it on Facebook, Tweet it, put it in your Instagram profile and drop it in your family WhatsApp chat! Anyone with the link can donate - no signup necessary!

Can anyone listen to my playlist?

Yes, anyone can listen to your playlist by simply clicking the Spotify symbol in the top right of your playlist block. They will need to have a Spotify account.

Spotify playlist

They will then be taken to Spotify to listen to the playlist. They will also be able to save this playlist to their account to be able to listen to it at any time.