What is Team Fundraising?

Team fundraising is ONE shared fundraising page, with one person who "owns" the page. The owner of the page is the person who will show up in fundraising leaderboards, and each individual will show up on activity based leaderboards (such as miles).

If you're trying to join a sub-team (For Mind's 27 27 campaign), STOP HERE! you need this page!

Team fundraising allows you to band together to collectively participate in a challenge/campaign while raising money for fantastic causes.

Your Fundraising Team can be comprised of anybody you like; your friends, your family, your co-workers (great for CSR and team building)... As long as they're 16+ they can help you smash your fundraising goals. 

You can connect and sync all of your apps and counters to one easily shareable Team Fundraising Page (managed by a team leader). It's just like a regular Fundraising page but it shows your whole team's progress; view your goals and achievements, see how much money you've raised together.

Got a competitive streak? Why not go head-to-head with another Fundraising Team?
North vs. South - Accounting vs. HR Department - Wolverhampton vs. Manchester or take on a challenge as a team rather than independently