What is Team Fundraising?

Work as a team to raise money for your chosen charity, why not compete against other teams?

Team fundraising allows you to band together to collectively participate in a challenge/campaign while raising money for fantastic causes.

Your Fundraising Team can be comprised of anybody you like; your friends, your family, your co-workers (great for CSR and team building)... As long as they're 16+ they can help you smash your fundraising goals. 

You can connect and sync all of your apps and counters to one easily shareable Team Fundraising Page (managed by a team leader). It's just like a regular Fundraising page but it shows your whole team's progress; view your goals and achievements, see how much money you've raised together.

Got a competitive streak? Why not go head-to-head with another Fundraising Team?
North vs. South - Accounting vs. HR Department - Wolverhampton vs. Manchester or take on a challenge as a team rather than independently