How do leaderboards work?

Interested in giving your fundraising events the edge? Read on to learn all about leaderboards!

Leaderboards are a wonderful feature on the GivePenny platform which are featured on all Campaign Events Launched (Campaign Credit required to launch charity led events). They'll magically (live data from fundraisers updates is pulled through our API) show up on the event page and stay up to date automatically, so there's no extra admin for you!

There are four types of Leaderboard, which depend on how you set up your Campaign. If you haven't selected the Groups function you'll just have the Fundraising & Distance. 

Fundraising Leaderboards

This leaderboard will automatically populate once you have 5 or more fundraisers sign up to your challenge - you'll be able to see how much they've raised, 

Activity Leaderboards

Have a challenge where you're asking fundraisers to count steps, miles, cakes, days.... anything?! We've got a leaderboard for that!

Group Leaderboards

If you've used the Group feature in your Campaign Event, everyone who joins the challenge will be asked to join a group (selected by the charity). Once they've joined you'll also see a groups leaderboard on your page.

You'll have access to a Fundraising Amount and Distance leaderboard! Unlike the fundraising and activity leaderboards that are linked to individual users, this one shows how the group as a whole is doing.