How does Stripe (card payment processing) work?

Have questions about Stripe? You're in the right place!

What is Stripe?

Stripe is a payment system that allows us to safely and securely process card payments made through GivePenny. 

What kinds of payments are processed through Stripe?

Stripe helps us process all card payments. This includes direct card payments, as well as payments made through Apple Pay, Android Pay and Microsoft Pay. 

This accounts for approximately 64% of the donations made through GivePenny, so we strongly suggest you do this!

What are the benefits of the new Stripe system on GivePenny?

The way you receive card donations will be faster and easier. You'll receive card donations instantly into your own Stripe account, instead of having to wait on us to process them.

There will be no changes to your donor's experience. They will continue to be provided with a fast and convenient way to donate to you.

How do I create a Stripe account?

To create a Stripe account, you will have to complete the Stripe registration process

GivePenny aren't affiliated with Stripe, and setting up an account requires the exchange of sensitive information, so, unfortunately, we can't set up your Stripe account for you.

If you need help, check out Stripe Support.

How do I connect my Stripe account to GivePenny?

Once your Stripe account is created, all you have to do is connect! 

Go to your profile at Select "Payment" on the process bar to be taken to the payment page. Hit the "Connect with Stripe" button and you'll be taken to Stripe's website to login and select which account you would like to connect.


I used to use the GivePenny shared Stripe account. Why is this changing?

This change is coming as part of our commitment to doing our utmost to process all payments as safely and securely as possible.

Now your donations will be deposited directly into your own Stripe account instead of being processed by GivePenny, so you'll receive the money much faster too!


What happens if I don't connect my own Stripe account to GivePenny?

Your charity will no longer be able to accept card payments through GivePenny in the very near future. This includes card payments processed through Apple Pay, Android Pay and Microsoft Pay.

You will still be able to receive donations made via Paypal. However, as 64% of payments on GivePenny are made by card, you will be missing out on valuable donations.


I have a problem and this guide didn't help.

If you're having issues with creating a Stripe account, we recommend checking out the Stripe Support Centre or contacting the Stripe Support Team.

If you're having trouble connecting your Stripe account to GivePenny, or you have any questions, you can drop us an email over to or give us a call on 0121 271 0303